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Be a Tech Squad Volunteer!

We are inviting young adults, working professionals, and retirees who are tech-savvy to volunteer and deliver tech training and one-on-one support services to seniors.

Volunteering to teach older adults about computers and the internet is an excellent opportunity for community service programs in colleges, high schools, religious institutions, and the like!

We hope to bring news, information, and photo sharing to the growing segment of older adults who want to improve their skills with new technology.

Do you…

  • Enjoy working with older adults
  • Have the ability to communicate with patience and understanding?
  • Have the technical and problem-solving skills to work with smartphones, tablets/iPads, and laptops?
  • Have proficiency in downloading and setting up applications, especially video conferencing tools and platforms?
  • Have proficiency in any additional non-English languages? (Optional)

Join Felton’s Tech Squad and help bridge the digital divide. 

We encourage the participation of volunteers who support our mission of providing basic tech skills to older adults and people with disabilities. We teach them how to use Zoom, navigate their smart devices and access the internet. 

If you agree with our mission and are willing to be interviewed and trained in our procedures, please complete the application below: 

Volunteer Form

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Volunteer Testimonials

Volunteering with Tech Squad has been a wonderful and easy way for me to give back a little bit to the community.

The digital divide, even in a technology-focused city like San Francisco, is preventing so many people from being able to use technology easily.

It takes very little to help someone communicate with loved ones, share the latest picture that they took, or understand the basics of their new phone.

Arup C.

Tech Squad Volunteer

As a trainee at Felton Institute’s Older Adults Division, being a tutor in their ‘Tech Squad’ has been the most satisfying and enjoyable part of my experience there. As someone who had an elderly mother with Alzheimer’s, I learned a lot about patience. That has informed me a great deal when I am tutoring an elderly person on how to use their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But I am truly amazed at those in their 70s and 80s who come out to the libraries for our ‘Tech Pop-ups’ because they want to learn how to use something that is so foreign to them such as the digital technology of their new devices.

Andrew C.

Tech Squad Volunteer

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For more information, contact a Tech Squad Team Member.

Phone: (415) 474-1558
Email: techsquad@felton.org

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